Our distribution channel extends globally with clients throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. We have a number of distribution markets still open and available. We welcome both exclusive and non-exclusive partners. We value our distributors as integral members of our brand “family”. When you partner with us we stand with you to ensure your success. As a REX Genetics distributor you receive a full suite of marketing support services, including:

  • Professionally designed marketing brochures and product literature.

  • Email and website materials.

  • Sales support and consulting customized to your locale.

  • Periodic promotional pricing that you can pass along to new or loyal customers.



Expectations as a distributor of our products:


When working directly with REX Genetics™ in your territory, you may anticipate this. From English and your native language marketing brochures to email and website layouts. Because our success depends on yours, we do everything possible to help your local sales efforts.


Available on a recurring basis for all worldwide distributors, which we will inform you of whenever the chance presents itself.


Is something that we excel at. Because our staff has worked with a variety of worldwide regions, including the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, we understand that regulatory compliance is not always straightforward. REX Genetics LLC ensures you receive prompt and efficient assistance with your local registration efforts. Activities related to the registration of non-commercial documents include:

I. Notarization
II. Secretary of State Certification 
III. US State Department Certification (Washington, DC)
IV. Your Embassy or Consulate Legalization

    Registration activities for commercial documents, include:

    I. Notarization
    II. US + Regional Territory Chamber of Commerce Certification
    III. Your Embassy or Consulate Legalization


      Provided to all REX Genetics™ exclusive distributors. Similar to how a franchisor would invest in its franchisees, investment in our distributors is fundamental to our business strategy. Several months prior to the introduction of new products, we will ensure that you have all you need to hit the ground running.


      REX Genetics LLC distributors are comprised of:

      • Medical Distribution
      • Pharmacies (independents & chains)
      • Hospitals
      • Fertility Clinics
      • Urology Centers
      • Online dietary supplement retailers, dealers & wholesalers


      Given the high resale value of REX Genetics™ products, sample requests are abundant. Therefore, any person interested in distributing REX Genetics™ products is required to acquire one or more units directly from our website. Note on your purchase that the airway bill must have "Commercial Samples" stated in the description, in order to avoid experiencing problems with your samples. All samples are sent by DHL and delivered within three to five business days.


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