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REX Genetics

Melatonin 10

Melatonin 10

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Melatonin 10.

Promotes restful sleep.*

Helps support circadian rhythms & immune function.*

Promotes cellular DNA health.*

Helps inhibit oxidative stress & protect against free radicals.*

2 months supply

Who is REX Genetics

REX Genetics is a leading dietary supplement company based in Lexington, Kentucky in USA. The company was founded by a highly skilled team with a passion for providing high quality, nutritional supplements grounded in the incredible power of nature. From the start, REX Genetics has aimed to make a true difference in the health and well-being of our customers and the planet through sustainable company practices. Environmental stewardship is a cornerstone of our company.


All REX Genetics ingredients have been analyzed by a third-party lab for potency, quality, and purity and guaranteed to be free from pesticides, insecticides, and other toxic substances. REX Genetics products are manufactured in an environmentally controlled facility according to the current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)

Innovative Design

At REX Genetics we challenged our top research and development professionals to design a premier line of pharmaceutical grade supplements.

Uncompromising Quality

Our success in the health care industry has taught us that quality, safety, and efficacy are intertwined. We’ve carried over the same dedication to uncompromising quality that we use in our pharmaceutical products to REX Genetics nutritional supplements.

Supplement facts

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Melatonin 10 mg
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Melatonin 10


    Melatonin, the pineal gland's major hormone, is a potent "chronobiotic" that aids in the maintenance of the body's regular circadian cycles. *Melatonin supplementation aids in the resynchronization of the circadian rhythms in persons who have difficulties sleeping or who have disturbed circadian rhythms as a result of jet lag or night shift work.*

    Supplementation may also aid persons who have problems sleeping due to the body's ability to produce melatonin from the amino acid tryptophan diminishing with age. *Melatonin appears to promote sleep by decreasing the time required to fall asleep, increasing the capacity to stay asleep, and increasing the depth of sleep.*

  • WHY

    • Comfortable sleep. *
    • Maintenance of circadian rhythms. *
    • Support immunological function. *
    • Promotes healthy cellular DNA. *
    • Inhibition oxidative stress and the protection against free radicals. *

  • WHO

    Melatonin is for everyone who needs to promote peaceful sleep, balance circadian rhythms, and benefit shift workers, people with jet lag, and those who have an age-related melatonin deficiency.*

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